Cool Application: AT&T Video Share

I was poking around the Internet looking for 3G cell phone video conferencing applications (I did NOT find one, by the way) when I ran across the AT&T Video Share app.

This is interesting even though it is only one way video (it has two way audio).

With the right phone and the right service, 3G (see lists here) you can send live video to anyone (hmmmm, do they need the same phone or one on the list to view the video?).

For example, GrandMa wants to see the new baby, or you want to visit a relative in a nursing home, or at the University of Kansas, or anywhere that has 3G access. Imagine ambulance EMT’s getting instant advice from a Doctor or a plumber getting help from his/her boss. The applications are endless.

There is a nice demo of a TV show (Tyra Banks) using Video Share here.

YeOldeTechy says: As 3G rolls out to more locations (in the U.S.) the ability to send and receive video, or to video-conference with colleagues while on the road, will become commonplace. There will no longer be a need to stay attached to a conference room or to a WiFi hotspot….the world is indeed changing.

FYI…I saw a demo of cell phone video conferencing maybe 10 years ago at the TeleCon conference. It was revolutionary, but very limited. Now it has the network to support it. Great ideas like that help push technology forward….

Check out this application of one way video sharing:


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