Cuil: A New Search Engine

This week some ex-Google employees launched a new web search engine: Cuil. Pronounced: Cool.

Being the curious type I went to the Cuil web site and fired up a few searches. So far it appears as though they still have a bit of work to do.

Here are two screen shots of a search for “Pendragon Raven Rise Book Review” (without the quotes) I completed on both Cuil and Google.

Cuil (click on pic for a larger view)


Notice the difference. The great Book Reviewer, TracyReaderDad, shows up on the Google search where the Cuil search resulted in an error message. It also included the quotes that I left out in my second attempt to get the search to work.

Cuil also pulls seemingly random pictures to place near the search result. I’m actually surprised that a search on “YeOldeTechy” did not pull up a picture of Brad Pitt…why is that? It did pull up a map of the Middle East region. Hmmmm, did we move? Actually you could hardly tell the difference in the weather between Tracy, CA and Saudia Arabia….both hot and dry (a little known fact: I love the desert)

YeOldeTechy says: Competition is a good thing, and as is nearly always the case a new technology or product needs time to mature. Cuil is no exception to this rule as you can see.


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