Telecommuting and the Segway

OK…we have all heard and seen T. Boone Picken’s and Al Gore’s plans for saving the environment. Great plans… (Political comment to Congress and the Prez: Spend the money on the future of renewable energy sources).

Today, I saw an article that stated that telecommuting is just as bad as commuting since you will still start up your car to run errands, go to lunch, etc. Interesting and, even though I don’t agree, the writer of that article has some valid points. Cold starts are the worst. Soooo….if you stay home to telecommute, you will need to avoid starting your car totally to make a dent in saving the environment (note, however, that you will still save money, time, gas, increase productivity, reduce stress, and realize all the other benefits of telecommuting).

Telecommute! But to help the transition from your car…I have a plan.

YeOldeTechy’s Plan to Save the Environment

OK, here is the plan. Use this with T. Boone’s and Al’s plans to help them succeed. Hey…I make nearly as much money as them…..yeah right.

1. Telecommute…and while you are home do not start your car.
2. Instead of using your car around town use a small electric car or a Segway.
3. If you don’t want to buy a Segway or small electric car…. walk or ride your bike.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

This graphic shows the emissions saved using a Segway.

It is good for the environment, if you run around town or work at your local TeleWork Center you can get there at 12.5 MPH and you don’t have to strain yourself by walking or riding a bike (even though the exercise is good for you!).

The perfect transition between car and walking or biking. Just like T. Boone’s transition to renewable energy by taking advantage of natural gas.

Get on the bandwagon….or rather, Segway. Telecommute!

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