Where I have been…

In case you are checking and wondering where the new posts are….

I’ve been so extremely lucky to have landed a short term (now three weeks long) substitute teaching position in a 7th Grade class in the Jefferson Elementary School District.

Since starting, I have had to RUN as fast as I can run just to stay behind a reasonable amount.

Do me a favor….the next time you get mad at your child’s teacher, or look at teachers at having so much time off, think of what I am going to tell you:

Teachers works HARDER than I EVER imagined. I am consistently working until 9 PM at night (and would go longer, except my body and mind simply won’t let me), grading papers, preparing lesson plans, organizing (the paperwork is unbelievable), just trying to keep up…..

Be kind to your Teachers…..

I’ve been an engineer for 25 plus years and have NEVER worked this hard nor have ever needed to work this hard.

BUT ALSO….I have never felt so rewarded. NEVER. This experience has BY FAR been the best experience of my life……and I’m and old guy…..done a lot, seen a lot and experienced a lot…..

If you are one of “my” students…..you know this is my “first class” and I will forever remember each and every one of you….you ROCK!

To everyone else….I’ll be back to this blog soon….thanks for hanging in the there!


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