Teaching Update

After 8 full weeks, my long term sub position has ended.

What an experience!

We were all sad it ended even though we all knew this day would come. I have learned a lot about teaching (do I still want to teach as my “encore” career?…..YES!) and have learned what not to do, what to do differently, and how to manage a class (well…I am still learning this), so I will be better prepared the next time I get this chance.

But…..this class will always be my first, and will always be special. The mix of kids in the class was amazing…all of them were absolutely terrific, full of life and wonder, and energetic about learning and about school. Where a lot of classes I have subbed in a lot of students were absent, it was a rare day when we had one absence….

Over the last few days, I received so much appreciation for our time together, it is amazing. (By contrast, I got barely a goodbye when I retired from my engineering job).

In short…teaching is a very tough profession, but, the rewards are tremendous.

To my first class…..you definitely ROCK! And no…I will never forget you!

And thanks to all the teachers who helped me learn…you know who you are.

PS: I want to evaluate / review technology for the classroom. If anyone reading this has a new product..please contact me.


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