Gas prices have come down.    

I went to the gas station yesterday and paid $1.94 for a gallon of gas.  For a starving blogger, this is good news.  I now have more precious $$ in my pocket for other things (Did someone say beer at The Great Plate?)

Do you stop thinking about telecommuting?
Do you stop thinking about more efficient cars?
Do you stop thinking about alternative energy?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Do not be lulled into thinking the gas prices will stay low, they will go back up again…rest assured.

In the meantime, enjoy the low prices, but, continue to telecommute (or plan for it) for the OTHER reasons telecommuting is a great alternative work style:

1. It helps save the environment.  Your car sits in the driveway / garage and no carbon emissions are sent into the air.

2. Productivity increases. A telecommuter has more time to work witth fewer interruptions (luckily they are not married to my wife).

3. Time. A telecommuter gains many many hours a week, month, year and lifetime.  Spending an hour or two (or three or four) on the road means that time is taken from your family, from you.

4. Help keep the demand for oil low. Keep the prices low and permanently reduce the demand for foreign oil.

5. Safety.  You never know when a pandemic or terrorist act will force changes to be made. Knowing how to effectively work remotely NOW will help companies better prepare for the future.

In short….do not stop thinking about telecommuting just because gas prices are temporarily low.

The benefits of telecommuting reach far beyond gas prices and touch every part of your life.

See all my articles on telecommuting and visit my web site for more information.

And remember videoconferencing allows your old fashioned boss (OFB) to see you!  No more excuses…


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