Update on Steve Jobs

UPDATE, Jan 14, 2009:  Not good news here.  This is starting to be a concern. A quick story:   Way back in the early 1980’s my wife and I worked at AT&T Bell Labs in Holmdel, NJ.  We had this great new personal computer called the Apple II.  Worked great…but it had no applications at all.  My boss, Barry Litofsky, wrote a program to generate Viewgraphs!  How cool is that.  We were at the forefront of PC technology….Steve Jobs (and the Woz) were (and still are) our  heros….I wish Steve the best and hope he recovers quickly.  

Did you know that the very first Desktop Videoconferencing system came out on the Mac platform…can anyone comment with the name of that system and who made it? 

Technology for Everyone…and Health News concerning one of the greats in technology. 

For those of you who might have been concerned about the health of Steve Jobs (like I was) this report from CNN should put you at ease.  

Apparently, he has been losing weight recently because of a hormonal imbalance not, as many feared (including me), because of his episode a few years ago with pancreatic cancer.

Good news indeed….get well Steve!

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