First Desktop Videoconferencing System


Answer, Jan 18, 2007:  The Cameo from CLI was the first.  Second, was Visit.  Both were based on the Mac.  The made up name is MeetMe….NUTS was an actual product!  



A little bit of fun while I write up my trip report to Polycom HQ today.  I saw some great stuff sooooooooo RSS this blog and come back soon to read it (I may be subbing the next few days though).

Lets see how many of you can remember back when the Mac was the main platform (see the latest on Steve Jobs…I updated it today) and desktop videoconferencing was just emerging.

Old timers…time to chime in!  Enjoy.  🙂

(Yes…three of these are actual names of some very early desktop VC products, one I sort of made up…which one did I make up?….comment)

HINT:  The answer is in this blog somewhere in the “Videoconferencing” category.


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