Windows 7

This article on CNN states that Windows 7 has been “finalized” and will be arriving Oct 22 (Hmmmm…they did not say 2009, I wonder?).      😉

I just bought an emachines (great computer!) at Costco with Vista on it.  Wow, that is / was a really bad OS.  I had the hardest time getting the networking to work (by comparison XP was a breeze) and it has already crashed (blue screen) big time on me.  That crash was so bad, I thought I would not get it back.  It came back, but, now I am very leery.

And those infernal warning messages.  That is sooooo intrusive….

Are you sure you want to dump Vista ?   YES!   😉

Sooo, bring on Windows 7.  I sure hope it is better than Vista (it scares me that it has Vista “underpinnings”)  since I will load it on the TracyVirtualOffice public computer (see photo at top) on day 1 of availability!

Desktop Videoconferencing  Compatibility?

I have seen VidyoDesktop on Windows 7.  Movi works on it.  How about others?   Scopia? CMA?  ooVoo?  Skype?  Logitech Vid?

Please comment below if you know of, or have used them, on Windows 7.

In the old days, videoconferencing vendors always lagged OS upgrades…I’m pretty sure these days that is a thing of the past (??)


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