Windows 7

This article on CNN states that Windows 7 has been “finalized” and will be arriving Oct 22 (Hmmmm…they did not say 2009, I wonder?).      😉

I just bought an emachines (great computer!) at Costco with Vista on it.  Wow, that is / was a really bad OS.  I had the hardest time getting the networking to work (by comparison XP was a breeze) and it has already crashed (blue screen) big time on me.  That crash was so bad, I thought I would not get it back.  It came back, but, now I am very leery.

And those infernal warning messages.  That is sooooo intrusive….

Are you sure you want to dump Vista ?   YES!   😉

Sooo, bring on Windows 7.  I sure hope it is better than Vista (it scares me that it has Vista “underpinnings”)  since I will load it on the TracyVirtualOffice public computer (see photo at top) on day 1 of availability!

Desktop Videoconferencing  Compatibility?

I have seen VidyoDesktop on Windows 7.  Movi works on it.  How about others?   Scopia? CMA?  ooVoo?  Skype?  Logitech Vid?

Please comment below if you know of, or have used them, on Windows 7.

In the old days, videoconferencing vendors always lagged OS upgrades…I’m pretty sure these days that is a thing of the past (??)


  • This is the kind of misinformation that most people kept spreading about Vista. If you had difficulty just getting the networking to work, 9 times out of 10 it isn’t the OS’s fault… and the same goes for blue screens. Both of those issues are almost always caused by shoddy drivers or hardware failure, not by the OS itself. Even if MS put out the best network stack in the world, if the manufacturers don’t actually do their job and release good drivers, then it won’t work. Blue screens exist almost exclusively for the case of driver failure (or hardware failure detected by a driver.) No version of Windows will blue screen unless something running in kernel mode faults (and at least 9 times out of 10, it’s a device driver.) Windows 7 will have the benefit of being based on the Vista kernel and driver model, so drivers that worked on Vista (which most manufacturers finally got around to releasing after Vista had been out for a while) will also work on Windows 7. The problem with the Vista release was that several manufacturers waited until after the release to get their drivers working on Vista, even though they had a 5 year heads-up on Vista’s release and it was even delayed some beyond that.


  • Great information! Thanks for commenting! 🙂 Still, it was my first experience with Vista…and last. Oh…the networking thing was more user interface than a problem with the driver or anything. Just very difficult to understand how to set it up. I should be more clear, and it should be more clear. XP is straightforward.


  • As someone who is a professional network/system engineer since ’87, I can only 100% agree what is said by Ross.

    Bluescreens are almost in al cases related to bad hardware (with respect, but with an Emachines you’re just asking for trouble) and bad drivers.

    Also when you install an OS, you need to make preparations first, like doing a global hardware check. A memory check for example should always be first priority before insatlling any OS!

    Secondly, you need to make sure you have all the latest drivers, service packs and updates. If you depend on a company like Emachines to install your OS, sorry, but with all rspect, then you’re just asking for trouble.

    As for bluescreens; Microsoft doesn’t leave you swimming, there are simple tools to point out what is causing the bluescreens. I get also sick of tired of people yelling that they had a bluescreen just purely for bashing reasons, when at the same time they refuse to mention what the bluescreen reads, because then people like me could often point out that a driver was the actual cause.

    And as for the UAC warning messages; you’re highly exaggerating, since most of these messages won’t pop up in daily use, only when you install or doing specific system management.

    An XP admin had full rights, the deafult admin in Vista has limited rights, reason why why such messages can’t be avoided. That’s also the reason why so many people compaliend about incompatabilities, when in most cases it was false.

    If you install software, you always need to run the setup as administrator with FULL rights, by right clicking the setup files and selecting “run as administrator”. Do it this way any most incompatibilities appear like snow on a hot day.

    I have Vista 64 bit running on a 8GB system with Q9450 quad core and it’s super fast and rock solid, whether it’s running Vmare workstation, Photoshop CS4 64 bit, Vegas all the way to the latest super demanding games, the OS just continues to work no matter what I throw at it, no hiccups, no crashes, no slowdowns.

    Vista has been getting way too many negative publicity for the wrong reasons. Sure, it had some issues in the beginning, but I can tell you, and I have using Windows since version 2.03 in 1988, that every new major release of Windows (and I don’t mean operating systems like XP, since that one was just an upgrade of Windows 2000, like Windows 7 is of Vista) had the same kind of issues, but people REFUSE to remember that and simple compare a mature OS like XP with 3 service packs to a brand new OS like Vista.

    The biggest problem with Vista was simple; ATI and to a larger extend Nvidia. Windows Vista had been in development for 4 to 5 years, yet those two companies simply failed after all those years to provide reliable drivers.

    Add to that the fact that 95% of the Windows users are clueless what’s causing bluescreens, other than just blaming it always on the OS, and can easily turn a good OS like Vista really is, into a piece of crap.

    Also add the fact that people have been using the same OS for 8 years and you’ll get the idea how everthing new in Vista becomes yet another complain session, just because it works differently.


  • You know the funny thing is I’ve been running Vista for a while now and I’ve had exactly zero trouble with it. I do find the constant popups for security annnoying, but there’s no doubt Vista is a million times more secure than XP ever was. I like most of the new features. I think the main problem it had is that a lot of manufacturers didn’t ccome out with Vista versions of their stuff when it was released. I can understand small venders not wanting to spend the money. But Adobe? Inexscusable.


  • Since the XP platform have had Vista Basic and Premium 64 and biggest gripe was the nagging prompts and warning pop-ups. But…..downloaded and installed Win 7 as soon as working test model was available, and WOW what a sweeeet OS. I have much hardware and many programs but this old homemade PC boots to login screen in 39 seconds from a cold boot consistently. In the 3 mos, or so that I have been running 7 I have yet to experience a system error! Finally…….Great Job MS team!


  • I had a difficult time upgrading from Vista Home to Vista Business. Instead of MSFT focusing on Windows 7 they should be focusing on covering all the holes on their previous versions. Also, why is it that PC hardware keeps dropping in price while the poor Windows Office is still at prices from 10 years ago? I recently purchased a Dell laptop for $399, but the Windows office was at $499? What a rip off!!


  • Thank you all for the great comments! Remember, I am NOT a computer expert although I am technical.

    I had issues with Vista from the first time I turned it on. But, as a follow on, it has been fine for the past few weeks….and not being a computer whiz like you all are, I decided to hold off on Windows 7 until it was ready for the average person.

    I got TWO of those annoying messages this morning! I uninstalled Mirial Softphone (note that Vista did not get rid of the shortcut, and when I go to delete it, it can’t find it and does not delete it!…any hints on how to get that gone?). I can only compare the user experience of Vista with XP…and XP wins hands-down.

    Thanks again for your educational comments! Keep checking back, but, be warned, I rarely post computer related stuff.


  • One more thing…I bought the computer at Costco. The OS was preloaded. BUT….when I load Windows 7, I will follow the advice given above when I install it. Thanks!


  • You can download an Evaluation Release Candidate version here:
    You may have issues finding drivers…
    Get it… test the apps… become the man who knows more about VCF on W7 than anyone else…


  • So tempting….I may just do it. Thanks for the link 🙂


  • it’s say that there will be no IE on their release in europe