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Rating:  5 WaterTowers (awesome integration of technologies in the home)

What is VUDU?

VUDU is a device that uses peer-to-peer video streaming to deliver high definition (or standard definition) movies to your TV via the Internet.

As you may know from my previous posts on VUDU, I think it is one of the best technologies to come around in a long time.  It is reliable, relatively inexpensive, very easy to use, and it works extremely well.  It also has that WOW factor that gets my heart pumping.

Example of VUDU User InterfaceExample of VUDU User Interface

Last week, VUDU made a couple of, in my mind, groundbreaking announcements concerning the integration of their technology in home electronics.

LG Announcements

VUDU, Inc.’s industry-leading on-demand high definition (HD) movie service is now available on the BD390 Network Blu-ray Disc player from LG Electronics, giving consumers a whole new way to access the largest on-demand HD library of Hollywood movies in their living rooms, the company announced today.”

LG Blu-Ray Player with VUDU
LG Blu-Ray Player with VUDU

“The VUDU HD entertainment service is now available on LG Electronics broadband HDTVs, the companies announced today.  The VUDU service is available on LG’s LH50 1080p LCD series and PS80 1080p plasma series with “NetCast Entertainment Access.”**


Mitsubishi Announcement

“Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. (MDEA) today announced it has begun shipping VUDU integrated 1080p flat panel TVs in its Diamond models of Unisen Immersive Sound LCD Televisions. MDEA will provide the consumer the opportunity to experience the seamless delivery of thousands of high definition movies and TV shows.”



You may not have felt the ground shake (and may not feel it even after glancing at this blog entry), but, mark my words……this is something that 10 years from now you will look back on and say:  ”That was the beginning of the end for the stores that rent DVD’s.”

The ability to browse VUDU for a movie (and search for tidbits on the actors, directors, etc) as well as download and watch a movie in high definition is extremely powerful.

I’ve said this before and after using VUDU for over a year now, I will say it again.

VUDU is awesome!


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