Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse


Rating:  4 WaterTowers (cool laser wireless mouse)

Last night we went to Best Buy in Tracy, CA and, as usual, I browsed the aisles to find technology that, to me, might be new and exciting.  In the computer section, I saw the Logitech V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse and picked it up.  $50 or so.

Don’t wanna read?  Watch the video 🙂


I started coworking in the Tracy Virtual Office.   Prior to last week, I had set myself up with a “desk” and “office”, but, I decided to cowork like everyone else and quickly realized that I had too much stuff.  One of the issues I am running into are wires!  Wires everywhere.  If I could eliminate a wire or two or three…..that would be good.

A wireless mouse is one more step in the wireless direction.

I also had a slight issue with the old mouse….it did not work on some of the plastic tables (remember the TVO is a new operation) we have for coworkers.  So I had to use my Mickey Mouse Pad, which is ok, but, one more thing I had to stuff in my carry-all.

I am finding out….when you cowork, less is better.

Old Mouse and Mickey Mouse Pad Now in Storage
Old Mouse and Mickey Mouse Pad

I also figured I’d give the the laser technology of the V450 a try on the different surfaces. (It works!)

One more cool thing:  The USB receiver (operating at 2.4 GHz for the wireless communication) is very small and meant to stay in the computer.  The simplest solutions are the most elegant!

Mouse and Nano USB Receiver
Mouse and Nano USB Receiver


I installed the two AA batteries in the mouse and turned the computer on.  After the computer booted up, I installed the nano receiver in a USB port in the back of the laptop and turned on the mouse.  The computer (my very old Toshiba laptop running Windows XP) found the new hardware and after a few seconds I was good to go!

Nano USB Receiver Installed
Nano USB Receiver Installed

Excellent.  So far, it is working very well, and I have gotten rid of one wire, one mouse pad and now have a mouse that works on ALL the TVO work surfaces!  The brochure tells me I will also have more accurate position control of the cursor, and that seems to be true thus far.  Whoopee!

New Wireless Mouse
New Wireless Mouse


For $50 the Logitech V450 is working great and has cleaned up my coworking desktop just a bit.

I can download software to add features, but, hey, I’m happy with this.  If I get adventurous, I’ll do that at a later date.


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