Google TV

Related to yesterday’s blog posting (funny how I timed that blog entry…completely random, believe me), this article on Computerworld tells us that Google, Sony, and Logitech are planning to introduce an Internet capable (smart) TV.

This Android-based TV (sure hope it will be High Def…interesting, Friend Paul posted this link on Facebook that mentions 1080p HD) will connect to your Internet connection that is now oh so very handy…at your TV!

When this happens, possibly this Fall, you can watch a TV show, record one on your DVR,  (I’m sure) videoconference using Skype (Logitech makes web cams too), work on an application with the remote end (via a planned wireless keyboard and mouse), and watch movies, TV shows, News, etc all from the Internet.

The center of the family and computer network will finally move to the vicinity of the TV.


Hmmmm, is there gonna be a REBOOT button on TV’s now?  Since I have been aware of TV (the 50’s) my TV has been VERY reliable….I’m afraid that may change.



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