9-11 and Videoconferencing History

I posted this last year….thought it would be interesting to repeat for as long as I am able. Lets not forget.

Taken August 2001 while on Vacation to NY / NJ

Taken August 2001 while on Vacation to NY / NJ

Just a quick blog entry to raise the awareness of a bit of videoconferencing history that occurred 8 years ago today. (Not to mention telecommuting, since I did all my work that day from home).

Many of the people mentioned in this email from Alan Crosswell at Columbia University (dated Sept 12, 2001) read this blog.

LINK to Alan’s Email

To them….thank you for everything you have done for videoconferencing and for helping Alan (and many many others) on that horrific day and the days that followed.

IP videoconferencing proved it’s power that day…

Re our vacation flight home in August 2001, we left from Newark bound for San Francisco on United.


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