Digital TV Conversion Update

Talk about history!  Well I found this missing blog too….enjoy!


As you all know by now, the new date for the switch to digital TV is June 12, 2009.

At that time, all old TV’s now using an antenna will lose their signal.

To try to help, the Tracy VirtualOffice is offering free hands-on sessions for people who may need help connecting their converter box.  Or understanding their options.

The picture at the top shows my two old TV’s on the same channel.  The old TV on the left is connected via analog, while the TV on the right is digital (see the converter on the bottom right).

Quite a difference, as long as the signal is strong enough to grab the digital signal.  ‘Cause if it ain’t strong enuf…..there will be no picture.

I am using the cheapo rabbit ears on the right here in the TracyVirtualOffice (I’m on the second floor).  At home, I had a really hard time getting good signal with these ears.

If you know anyone who has an old TV and use an antenna…please make sure they know their options.


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