Polycom Videoconferencing on Android

Saw a tweet yesterday that announced that Polycom will be building a standards-based Unified Communications (UC) videoconferencing app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Here is the link to the Press Release.

Here is the official spiel from that press release:

“Polycom’s differentiated strategy is to deliver innovative UC solutions on partners’ mobile platforms, as opposed to creating proprietary systems,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, Polycom’s general manager of UC Products and chief development officer. “Unlike other mobile video applications, we believe the Polycom application will drive a network effect for users and businesses by enabling the Samsung GALAXY Tab to connect with each other, as well as other standards-based telepresence and video conferencing systems and applications.”

Translation from Corporate-ese to regular people talk:  This is cool shit.

Very interesting.  I have seen proprietary applications (Facetime and others), but, as far I as know (I may be wrong, of course) this is one of the very few REAL standards-based apps from a REAL videoconferencing company (Vidyo previously announced an iPad app, but I don’t know of any others…..yet, comments welcome).


Look for it to work over 3G and/or 4G while working with standards based infrastructure for point-to-point and/or multipoint conversations in HD using Polycom’s (??….where does Vidyo come in to this….please comment below ???) H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) Initiative.

Sweeet….I am looking forward to seeing this.

I guess Android is taking off…..I love mine!  (an HTC Aria)

Samsung GALAXY Tab

My Opinion

Not that anyone cares since I am not getting paid gobs of (ie any) money for my opinion…but….this is SUPER FRIGGIN COOL!

Gotta love Polycom!

I’ve said this before so many times my face is blue: Videoconferencing anytime, anywhere, anyone.  Thanks to Polycom (and other real videoconferencing companies) this is finally becoming a reality.   WhoooHooo  🙂


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