Google Keywords-A Quick Introduction

Before you read my drivel, watch this guy explain Google Keywords.  Very nice, very clear…

Full-time AltamontCowork member, Joleen is researching how to attract more readers to her blog.

During her research, she found this Google keyword site that ranks the keywords according to how often people search for stuff with using those keywords.


You can sign into Google using your Google account or you can do it anonymously.  Lets do it in stealth mode and see what happens.

You can see below that there are are many advanced settings you can choose from.  I’ll keep it on United States and English, well….hmmm, just because.

I’ll search for the keywords that mean the most to this blog: “video conferencing” (there, see, just doing that will get me millions of hits…haha).

I put in the “I’m a real person” ID word and the screen below popped up.

You can see that “video conferencing” has 110,000 local monthly searches and 246,000 global searches but that the competition for that combination of words is high.

That is cool, but, a lot of the searches for video conferencing (more hits!) will end up at Wainhouse Research or somewhere other than this blog…competition.

It would be nice if I could find a keyword combination that has LOTS of searches and LOW competition. THAT would ensure a higher number of people hitting this site. Lets scroll down…and look for low competition and a good number of searches.

Here is the list from low to high competition.

You can bet that within the next few seconds, I will be adding a tag for “video call” (billions of hits coming my way!) and adding “video call” (billions more!) to many of my blog entries!  Done, I added it.

Next Day

Joleen told me to check the box “Exact” in the left hand column. Lets see what changes.

There is a difference….but it beats the hell out of me which is best to use.  I guess practice will tell.  Or maybe I should just listen to Joleen.  🙂


Anyway….This was a real quick introduction to the Google Keyword site….play with it and see how YOU can get more readers on your blog or web site!

Cool tool.


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