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Been thinking.

Yeah, I know that is dangerous.

But, hey, I enjoy it (being dangerous, of course).  😉


About 5 or 6 years ago (I think) I heard about this relatively new way to put your thoughts out for the world to see.  The Blog.  In a previous life, my thoughts ended up in a magazine (DVC Magazine, TeleConference Magazine, New Media Magazine…all now…hmmmm, gone) and it was fun to read my own words of wisdom on video conferencing and collaboration (of course at that period in time, nearly everyone thought I was crazy….”Why would you want to SEE someone”.  It’s 2011, and now I can tell them:  D-U-H).

With a blog, I could spill my guts (and whatever knowledge I had to impart to the world) very easily to a large audience (or so I thought).  So I started my Yahoo blog.  After awhile,  that blog was not working for me (it was really clunky), so I moved to Blogspot.  Wow….much better, but, again, after a while, I seemed to tire of blogspot / blogger for some reason, and moved to WordPress.  I’m still here (even though I took a year to fire up blogs).

Have I ever told you I LOVE WORDPRESS?  Well, there you go.  🙂

And I love blogging.  As you can tell by looking at the bottom of this page…..I have 4 blogs now.

And the nice thing about a blog, is my OLDEST blog entry (that is MY FIRST, or second) is still around.  See it here, written in Feb 2005 (We still have that TV….recently replaced the lamp for the first time!).  Using the “Categories” and / or “Search” you can find everything I have written in the past 5 or 6 years.  I think that is awesome.

And the content I put up is (hopefully) educational.


I tried MySpace after it had been out awhile.  Boy did that suck.

Then Facebook came out and it was much better, I signed up.  I now have 205 “friends” (truthfully, only a small percentage of which are really friends) on Facebook, and a business page under “AltamontCowork”.   I have placed ads (largely a waste of money), and post stuff about, AltamontCowork, and some personal stuff (but not totally dumb ass stupid stuff).  Again, truthfully, the most fun I have on Facebook is talking with the Bay Shore Kids.  Much of the rest of my time on Facebook is time wasted.  Sorry.

Unlike a blog…..the information on Facebook goes away (and is really freakin hard to find) after an hour or so.  I suspect if you have 500 to 5000 friends you will never see my posts, even though the posts are DAMN important.  Especially if you have teenagers who are driving….

And unlike a blog, most of my personal posts (and sorry, again, other’s posts) are drivel.  I really don’t care when you get gas (whether for your car, or the other kind), and other than a few people, I’m am pretty sure you don’t give a rat’s ass about how many miles I ran this morning.

The information on Facebook, is for the most part, not educational, and it goes away in an hour or less…..never to be seen again.  But then again….who cares.


When I first heard of Twitter, I had heard that it is a blow-by-blow description of a person’s life.

Well, for most Twitterers (or as Jay calls them “Twatters”) that does seem to be the case.  But, I saw some value in promoting AltamontCowork and my Technical Blogs and Book Reviews there, so I signed up.  I quickly realized that there was no way in the world I could read everyones tweets (and that my tweets were gazed upon by very few eyeballs).  Twitter is basically a mountain (Everest!) of useless drivel.

I also have come to understand that a Tweet lasts less than minute…..and then it is gone forever.  But, again, since most of it is total shit…..who cares.

What the Hell is my Point?

Beats the crap out of me, but, guess what?  10 years from now you can find and read this blog entry and tell my heirs what a total jerk I was for writing it. How funny. 🙂

Oh yeah….I have copies of the magazines I wrote for, but, I’ll bet you don’t.  Blog is better, and longer lasting than even a magazine (National Geographic the exception), and it takes up less space.


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