Cell Phones and the Brain

Other than rendering an otherwise intelligent teenager a Borg like zombie…this article (in Bloomberg BusinessWeek) tells us that the effects of cell phone use on the brain is still not understood.

They go so far as to say that they do not know if the stimulation of the brain near the cell phone antenna is good or bad.

DUH.  I have news for them.  It is BAD.

And I have warned against the over use of cell phones on this blog over the years.

Here, here, here, and here.

On the bright side, my estimate of the onslaught of many more brain cancers in the very near future may now be off a bit thanks to the brain numbing popularity of texting in teens (and some adults).

So teens and those few adults….keep texting, it will save you from brain cancer (according to me…and I am right).





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