Google Changes Search Algorithm

A few days ago Google changed it’s search algorithm.

Surfing the web today, I see that that change has had an impact on “content farm” traffic to the point where some have even started laying off people.

But…..I’m not complaining…in the past few days…this blog, and, have both seen INCREASED views.

If I calculated correctly (and I tutor Math…how funny), looking at the average views the past 4 days, and the 4 days prior to that:

Views for TracyReaderDad have increased a whopping 159%, and the views for TelBitconsulting (this blog)  have increased a more modest 91%.  Very great numbers as far as I am concerned.

Of course, anything could be causing this increase (the economy, more searches, more people online, better weather, people finally realizing I am great, etc. etc.) but, I will not complain for as long as the trend continues.  Hopefully, it will be long term…but, no matter what, I will continue to plod away trying to inform and educate while remaining honest and truthful.

If I say “I love Google” does that help?  🙂




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