Skype Video Conferencing Group Calling Update

My daughter mentioned to me last night that she and some friends tried to make a multipoint video call using Skype, but, had to sign up, and pay for, Skype Premium to do so. They used ooVoo instead.  (NOTE:  ooVoo when I last looked at it rocks!)

I looked this morning…..and here is the scoop:  Skype multipoint is NO LONGER free.  Rats!

Now you have to pay by the day for $4.99 (with a * which means be careful not to get screwed), or a monthly fee of $8.99 (with the same *).

The number of people allowed in a Skype Premium call is VERY hard to find (I mean come on, Skype people, make that information easy to find…geeezzz) is a max of 10.

All good things must end….they do need to make money.


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