Cisco Flips the Flip

I ran across this article in the NY Times this morning and found it interesting.

Why is it interesting?

I’ll tell you why:  In 2007, the Flip camcorder was the latest cutting edge technology.  It sold like hot cakes, and the big players came out with their own versions.

2007 was 4 years ago.  Yikes!  ONLY 4 years ago…

Now…the Flip is pretty much obsolete (as are those cool little cameras you can stick in your pocket).

Smartphones can take pictures with great resolution, and videos, and you can make phone calls, connect to WiFi, upload to Facebook, Flickr, or Picassa.  Who needs a separate device?

Apparently hardly anyone…Cisco is closing down the Flip division which it purchased for $590 million only a short time ago.

Technology time is moving faster and faster.

Sure glad I’m not obsolete….hmmmm, maybe I am.  Check back in a microsecond.  🙂

Update: I just found this interesting CNET article on Cisco’s Consumer Failures.

Now…you know I am not really fond of Cisco (oh you mean it was not obvious that I think their videoconferencing efforts were not being done right (DUH…standards!  DUH…travelling to a fancy, extremely expensive, room to video conference is ANTI-intuitive)…until they bought Tandberg that is), but, this consumer stuff is not their fault, and at least they tried.

Drive Safe!  Never forget.


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