Cell Phone and Cancer Risk

UPDATE May 31, 2011:  You all need to listen to me!  The powers that be are coming around to the possibility that cell phone use can cause cancer.  Here is a Reuters report.  OK, this is big news…that I have been saying for years!  Here is a CBSNews report.  The BBC picked up on it.  The Washington Post. This one is very interesting by CNN showing the 10 most emitting and 10 least emitting cell phones.

I have been talking about the issue of cell phone use and brain cancer on this blog for years. (here, here, here, and here).

If you read those, you will know I did a fair amount of research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body, and that I have a healthy respect for the possible effects.

NPR has added the latest information in the ongoing discussion.

They say that there is no conclusive study showing that there is a definite link to increased cancer risk and cell phone use.

On the other hand, they say that there is also no conclusive study showing no link.

As NPR says, “the jury is still out”.

What I Think

Unless you talk to me.  When (yes, when) brain cancers increase rapidly in, maybe, 20 years (and I strongly believe they will….studies be damned)…it will be too late.

Take steps NOW to protect yourself.

Moderate your usage of cell phones.  Interestingly, texting will help (at least with brain cancers).


  • Hi Mike –

    Isn’t a cell phone just a mini radio transmitter? We’re never scared of radio waves, but your previous posts refer to “electromagnetic radiation” which sounds like living between Three Mile Island and an Electric Sub-Station — very scary.

    As cell phone towers have gotten more pervasive, and cell phone transmitters have needed less power to reach the tower (and to conserve battery life), isn’t the trend going the right direction?

    If I sit in my basement (or car) with a CB Radio, or work in a building near a radio station, or in the Sears Tower with two giant antennas on the roof … won’t I be exposed to at least as much “transmission”?

    I am sure that having the transmitter right next to your head is not ideal, but it’s just a little transmitter…right ?

    Seriously, it sounds like you have some domain expertise, and your posts are pretty rich with scare language, so would you further explain the underpinnings of your theory for inquiring minds?




  • Great comments. I will dig up some interesting research papers, but, in the meantime. Yes…the cell phone is a very low power transmitter. That is why I am giving it 20 years of heavy use. The towers are pretty far away from you, as are other forms of electromagnetic radiation. I refuse to live near high voltage power lines, and my wife can verify that. High power microwaves are known to be dangerous (DUH..you cook food with them)…the problem is the very low power…how dangerous are they? Who knows, and that is what the research is saying…they don’t know, yet. I prefer to err on the side of caution and moderation. But, again, texting is gonna help.