ooVoo Update

My loyal reader probably remembers when I first saw ooVoo (this is a reclaimed blog entry since the original was lost with all the movement).  I thought at the time that ooVoo was the greatest video conferencing application I had seen in awhile.  Over time, I loved it even more that it included multi-person (3 and then up to 6) videoconferencing…..for free.

We used it all the time (the above picture shows Christian in Paris, Sheila in Chicago, and Me in Tracy, CA).

Then they changed, and started to charge for multi-way video chat.  Damn…

Guess what?  Free 3 (maybe 6?????) way multi person video chat is baaaacccckkk…not sure how long this has been the case, but, I just found out (and that is all that matters….right?  haha).

Give ooVoo a try….and get 2 (maybe 5????) friends to try it with you…

One bitch

I HATE the way they do their web site….it is VERY deceptive (my not so humble opinion). In fact, their Facebook page also insinuates the same 6 way for free (that is why I clicked over).

“ooVoo Lisa sayz “A wallet is a terrible thing to waste! Why pay for Skype when you can get ooVoo 6-way for Free! Like if you agree!”

Looking at it, you would think that 6 way calling is free, right?  Well according to their web pages…..it is NOT.

Go to this page to get the real story.

Buyer beware…the Facebook comments seem to suggest 6 way is free till May 31 (they do not say which year).


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