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Google announced today the availability of their new Google “Chromebook” laptop like computers that will be at Best Buy and starting June 15th.

These are laptop like devices that connect to, and use, the “cloud” for everything you do.

They are pricey….anywhere from $350 or so to almost $500.  There are special monthly subscription plans for businesses, gov’t, and schools.  For example, your school can get a Chromebook for $20 per month.  For that price all support, etc. comes with it.

Not bad I suppose…

Is this the beginning of the end of Windows OS or Mac OS?  Are dedicated computers with gobs of memory, loaded with expensive software becoming obsolete?

Time will tell….my hunch is it is time to say Good-Bye to the old laptop, and operating systems…..this (using the cloud for everything) could be earth shattering in a year or so…or not.  🙂


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