Radvision Scopia Mobile Video Conferencing

How in the world did this escape me?  Here is some info on the Radvision Scopia Mobile app for iPhone and iPad.

Those of you who know me, know that my dealings with Radvision go W-A-Y back .  As we were developing the ESnet H.323 architecture (starting in 1999), Radvision was there with us.  Eventually, the ECS gatekeeper was the workhorse GK for the ESnet IP video conferencing network that was put into operation Jan 29, 2004, and very quickly grew to be the largest H.323 network in the world.

Radvision is a great company, with great people.  So much for objectivity!  🙂

The Scopia Mobile app works via the Desktop Server, but, from there it can connect to virtually any standards based equipment.  I believe it works on both WiFi and / or 3G – 4G (they say “mobile broadband”, but, I don’t know what that means….)

As a full registered user, on the server,  the mobile app user can set up a meeting, invite new participants, view and manipulate (using H.239) a presentation / document.

It looks like you can also mute a participant (you know how that goes), change the video layout, and more.  Awesome!

For the billionth time:  Video Conferencing anytime, anyplace, anyone.  Driving to a meeting room is stupid….

Here are some screen shots:




More and more standards-based (or at least standards interoperable) mobile apps are coming out.

Effective, high quality, video conferencing communication is now available anywhere.

A great thing!

Telecommuting = Coworking = Telework.  🙂



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