DVE Telepresence

Looking at LinkedIn the other day, I ran across a familiar name (I must be getting old, but, I think I remember them from like 1999, 2000?), DVE Telepresence,  and decided to take a peek at the videos.

NOW…you know me….I think driving to a room to sit in a meeting with a bunch of boring talking heads (all in glorious high definition and at 60 fps) is well….stupid.

If, however, the room looked like this, and provided the 3D graphics for presentations that this one does…I may actually be tempted to drive there (ok, shoot me now!), at least once, maybe even twice.  🙂

In fact, I may drive to LA to try to see this room in action (Oh, there goes my carbon footprint)…But, tell me this ain’t awesome?!!


Holographic video conferencing is close, very close.

Where is Yoda?


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