Texting is Not My Thing: Using the SwiftKey Keyboard

(accurate, good looking, solid feel)

OK, I love my Android Motorola Smartphone, but, when it comes to texting….I suck.

I text with one finger (the way I used to type way back when typewriters were the thing), and constantly have to go back and correct my mistakes.

Fat fingers.  🙂

I spotted this article on CNET today about SwiftKey and thought I’d give it the free trial.  If I like it, after 30 days….I will buy it for $3.99.

I went to the Android Market (now Play Store….how weird is that name??) and did a search for “SwiftKey”.  I found it right away, downloaded it and went through a couple of very easy steps to get it working.

I chose the “Pumpkin” theme (dark and orange).  Pulled up a text to my wife, and typed away.  For two texts to her…..one mistake, where I normally have a dozen or so and get frustrated.

I like, so far

The colors, the fact that the keys are small but get it right when I am texting, I like the vibrate feedback (although I suspect I could have selected that with the built in keyboard?), and I can move the phone on it’s side for a bigger keyboard (I could do that with the other one too….but, with that one…I HAD too.)

Not fond of..

The warnings that they can capture your private information such as passwords, bank account numbers, etc.  But since I do ZERO banking online, and only blog, I really don’t care a whole lot, but, you might.  So buyer beware.

Preliminary Conclusion

So far so good….I will continue using SwiftKey for the next month….

Check out the video of the latest version:


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