The Age of Decentralized Work is Upon Us

OK, people….here is the future.

If you have teens (or college age early 20’s kids) you have seen this….if you have younger kids….you WILL see it.  So hang in there….

Decentralization of work will happen.  Telecommuting / Telework will be the norm.  And, yes, mobile video conferencing WILL rule the world.

Here is why….

The kids of today are:  Computer and Internet savvy.  Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Tumblr, WHATEVER….keeps the kids of today interconnected in ways us old farts never could.

Distance is no longer a barrier.

All this INTERCONNECTIVITY will lead to one thing…..decentralization of work.

How did I get there from the above????

Well…..look at how the college kids of today work.  Remotely.  They get their assignments via the web.  They talk to their Professors remotely.  They collaborate with work teams via Skype (or ooVoo, or Google+, or whatever), they Skype with friends, they upload pictures / documents with wild abandon.

Do you think, the OFB’s (Old Fashioned Bosses) who still exist will reign them in when they go to work????  If you think so….think again.  The answer is NO!  And eventually, the kids will be in charge, and then…the world will be vastly different than what we now know.

No more commuting 2.5 hours (one way!!) to an office only to do exactly the same thing you could have started, and finished, 2.4 hours ago from home, Starbucks, B&N, a coworking location, McDonalds, etc.  Commuting (for those with the appropriate jobs) is STUPID, WASTEFUL, and UNPRODUCTIVE (is that redundant?).

The kids of today know this….we don’t.  We will find out, when we are suddenly out of touch and expendable.  🙂

The future is almost here….embrace it!


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