The Age of Decentralized Work is Upon Us

OK, people….here is the future.

If you have teens (or college age early 20’s kids) you have seen this….if you have younger kids….you WILL see it.  So hang in there….

Decentralization of work will happen.  Telecommuting / Telework will be the norm.  And, yes, mobile video conferencing WILL rule the world.

Here is why….

The kids of today are:  Computer and Internet savvy.  Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Tumblr, WHATEVER….keeps the kids of today interconnected in ways us old farts never could.

Distance is no longer a barrier.

All this INTERCONNECTIVITY will lead to one thing…..decentralization of work.

How did I get there from the above????

Well…..look at how the college kids of today work.  Remotely.  They get their assignments via the web.  They talk to their Professors remotely.  They collaborate with work teams via Skype (or ooVoo, or Google+, or whatever), they Skype with friends, they upload pictures / documents with wild abandon.

Do you think, the OFB’s (Old Fashioned Bosses) who still exist will reign them in when they go to work????  If you think so….think again.  The answer is NO!  And eventually, the kids will be in charge, and then…the world will be vastly different than what we now know.

No more commuting 2.5 hours (one way!!) to an office only to do exactly the same thing you could have started, and finished, 2.4 hours ago from home, Starbucks, B&N, a coworking location, McDonalds, etc.  Commuting (for those with the appropriate jobs) is STUPID, WASTEFUL, and UNPRODUCTIVE (is that redundant?).

The kids of today know this….we don’t.  We will find out, when we are suddenly out of touch and expendable.  🙂

The future is almost here….embrace it!


  • Mike, recently I bought a house. If your saying is right, I will lost money and probably I should sell it in a few years at least. 😦

    Some people concern their late 50s because in our country it’s time to leave company so that people tends to come earlier and leave late when theier age approchs that age. Probably we are not brave enough.

    When I look back how my father worked,
    actually our family was a VIP for my local post office because my father heavily send and receive FAX,
    (in my middle school days when I played with Apple II+, still using FAX is not omething like smartphone
    nowadays everyone use). He worked for a global company and his colleague works at home remotely but
    he looks not always happy and my mother either because sometimes he wants to regard my family as his

    Also, the days when I weekly meet people who works for foreign company in Seoul, even if each are great
    people who works for gloabl company, their colleague is 5 on average. The reason why they come to that
    offline meeting was due to widening their business relationship.

    Lastly, in Lineage game(a famous online game), NC soft gives some cash when you become at a certain
    level like ‘Lord of a castle’. Even you should put more money on it to maintain your team(or your
    knights), meaning that you should open a weekly off-line beer party for teamwork.

    I am not good at using English but I am sure you understand what I am saying.

    Remote working looks good. Really? We need some off-line meeting because we are human.


  • Mike, this post is awesome. You doubled-down on your position and made a great case for it. Funny how the self described “old fart” is the only analyst in the entire industry who isn’t too uptight to address video cybersex (myself included). Hey, sex has been a major part of almost every communications / media technology to date, why would videoconferencing be any different, right? Still, I think I will stick to focusing on business uses of video in my practice.

    Anyway, your point is valid. The next generation will push back hard against today’s physical meeting room dynamic. The big question is how many years will the shift take. It won’t happen in a day, but it won’t take decades. The other question is how many billions of dollars of meeting room systems will be sold in the meanwhile.


  • Way back in the dark ages, when this video conferencing stuff was just starting, the people who called us the most were from the porn industry..

    Look how long it has taken for us to get this far…my whole working life and then won’t happen quickly, but, cultural changes are slow.


  • I would think your house would be more valuable since it will be your office as well as your home! 🙂


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