Telepresence vs VideoConferencing

I suspect it is about time I chimed in on this definition thing on this blog.

I had an unfortunate “job” interview yesterday in 2012 (now this is 2020 and we are home riding out the coronavirus) and it got me to re-evaluating a lot of things. The “job” was to install “telepresence”.  After a few seconds of questioning  I realized that it was not “telepresence” they wanted, but, plain old vanilla “video conferencing”.  Unfortunately, errr….Fortunately, I was told I was “not qualified” to install it….thus, the re-evaluation.

One thing I need to do is to give you, as a videoconferencing original, MY definition of the difference between telepresence and video conferencing.  (The pictures shown below are totally random….so don’t get all upset about what vendors are being shown…:-))

Telepresence: A very expensive room with a wonderful “experience”

Video Conferencing: Everything else from mobile to conference rooms

You get the idea….


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  1. Good article in regards to Telepresence vs. Video Conferencing. Web-Video conferencing is becoming more popular nowadays due to reduced costs, better interaction with customers, increased work efficiency, increased productivity, ease in conducting face to face meetings etc. One can use various web + video conferencing tools such as WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. or can even deploy on premise web + video conferencing appliance such as RHUB appliances

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