A year or so ago, I pretty much gave up on TelBitConsulting (my video conferencing centric technology blog) choosing to concentrate on AltamontCowork (a coworking location in Tracy, CA) instead.

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine fired up his new videoconferencing related site, so I paid $13 to WordPress and redirected all of TelBitConsulting’s readers to David’s new site (check it out here).  He now has tons more traffic to get off the ground with….;-)

BUT today I realized….I could NOT access all my old blogs!!!!  I wanted to show a visitor to AltamontCowork some of the stuff I pioneered, and son of a bitch, I had to jump thru hoops to find it.  I have 8 years worth of blog stuff I couldn’t see anymore…I NEED to see it.  The WORLD needs to see it…haha

Sooooooo, today I uploaded all my old stuff HERE!

Not only that….every now and then I still get the urge to write about something technical.  NOW, I have a place to do that again.  Like my Christmas Geek Gift list….

If you care:  Wendy, Ginny, Tommy (see his 2014 China adventures on, Peter?, I don’t know???, Me.  1956 or 57?


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