TechyMike Resurfaces in Tracy, CA


Back from the ashes of TelBitConsulting, YeOldeTechy, and AltamontCowork, the technical wizard we all know, and sort of love, Mike Pihlman has once again resurfaced in Tracy, CA.

Mike was spotted yesterday at Orchard Supply wandering the aisles. While he looked confused and disoriented, don’t be fooled.  Mike’s brain was actively thinking of the next step in technology….one that no one will understand for at least 20 years, or maybe, he was just confused and disoriented.  We may never know.

BUT….from that visit, the phoenix has arisen in the form of this new venture:  TechyMike

Armed with new knowledge (social media, web sites, apps, smartphones, yada)………TechyMike is ready, once again,  to help those less technical.

So stay tuned here for all the latest in technology.  First up…..the famous TelBitConsulting, now TechyMike, Geek Christmas List 2014.

Venture where no man has gone, may the geek be with you….

If you see this man aimlessly wandering around Tracy, CA….shake his hand and tell him you understand.  $1.00 donation would help.

techymike pic



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