Adding an Audio Track to Your YouTube Video

In the old days I took my chances adding country songs to my YouTube videos. And I always got caught. Fast forward a bunch of years and now you can add royalty free music / audio tracks to your videos.

Here is how you do it:

Once you upload the video, go to “Creator Studio” and then to “Video Manager”, select the video you want to add Audio to, then pull down the edit menu and click on “Audio”.  See Figure 1

adding audio track to youtube video
Figure 1: Finding How To Add Audio


Once you click “Audio” you will see the following (figure 2).  Pull down the menu labeled “Top Tracks” to pick the lesser tracks (haha).  Once you find your genre, click on it.

choose a music genre
Figure 2: Selecting Genre


Figure 3 shows my “Country & Folk” selection and the run times for the tracks.  You can click on each one to find the track you like.

country and folk
Figure 3: Picking a Track


When I did the 360 degree video, I was not too picky on the audio run time and let YouTube fit it to the video once I picked a catchy tune.  You can do the same, but, I think you can also adjust the run time using the following shown in Figure 4 (?  give it a try and comment below):

position audio
Figure 4: Adjusting the Track Position


If you want, you can search a very large library of audio tracks….have fun!

search lots of tracks
Figure 5: Searching 150,000 Audio Tracks


Here is the video featured in this blog post….enjoy!


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