Reviewing Remote Work Locations (in Tracy, CA)

In August 2007 (several lifetimes ago in the technology world), I went around to three locations in Tracy, CA to see how the new fangled WiFi hot spots worked, and, if they also worked with videoconferencing.  The experiment went rather well.  Fast forward 7.5 years to 2015 and videoconferencing is ubiquitous, there are remote workers EVERYWHERE, and WiFi is commonplace in public areas (still not everywhere, but, getting there).  Over the next few months, TechyMike will re-visit my old blog and visit several locations (including two of the originals since my beloved Barnes & Noble skipped town) around Tracy, CA to review their environment with respect to remote work.

There will be only one essential requirement:  Free access to the Internet. Everything else is wide open, for example, can I work remotely in the Transit Station as effectively as Baristas or Starbucks or McDonalds or the Mall or Coworking or the ACE train, or ?????.

Among the items I will rate include, but are not limited to:

  • Ease of connecting to the Wifi
  • Staying connected to the WiFi
  • Speed of the WiFi as per the SpeakEasy Speed Test (
  • Noise level (I downloaded a noise level measurement app for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4)
  • Ambiance of the location (I will disregard home this time around)
  • Desk, or table space, availability
  • Availability of power
  • Availability of accessories (printer, conf room, etc)
  • Managements tolerance of remote workers staying for the day
  • Hours of operation or use that remote workers can gain access


Starting in January 2015, I will randomly pop-in at remote work locations around Tracy, CA and attempt to get some work done. While I am there I will gather information for this blog, and leave a card.

If you have a favorite location in Tracy, CA to remote work, let me know by commenting below!  I will check it out!!  🙂  



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