Polycom Video Conferencing Report and InfoGraphic

Polycom Video Conferencing Report and InfoGraphic

In the old days, we (ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) used to visit Polycom HQ (when they were in Pleasanton, CA) to either:  Get an update on the latest and greatest videoconferencing technology, or, prod them for one reason or another.

History Lesson: We (ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) were pioneering cloud-based “ad-hoc” videoconferencing between 1999 and 2005 with over 1,500 IP-based video conferencing users worldwide, and we needed products that worked in that environment (groundbreaking at that time)…..so ALL the vendors were poked & prodded by us at one time or another.  “Oh no, here comes ESnet….hide…..”

I have been away for a few years and am happy to see that Polycom is still going strong and, this is major; that they changed their logo.  I ran across the below graphic while surfing, so I downloaded the report and snipped and posted the very cool graphic “Six Steps to Creating a Highly Collaborative Video Culture” below (I hope they don’t mind the extra advertising). Note: I can’t believe that the videoconferencing experience is still not totally intuitive to everyone after 25 + years in existence….wow.

vc graphic 1

vc graphic 2

vc graphic 3

vc graphic 4

vc graphic 5

vc graphic 6

vc graphic 7

While looking at Polycom’s web site, I spotted some stuff on “Working From Home”….when I fire up my “Telecommuting” blogs again, I will revisit that section.


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