Polycom Video Conferencing Report and InfoGraphic

In the old days, we (ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) used to visit Polycom HQ (when they were in Pleasanton, CA) to either:  Get an update on the latest and greatest videoconferencing technology, or, prod them for one reason or another.

History Lesson: We (ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) were pioneering cloud-based “ad-hoc” videoconferencing between 1999 and 2005 with over 1,500 IP-based video conferencing users worldwide, and we needed products that worked in that environment (groundbreaking at that time)…..so ALL the vendors were poked & prodded by us at one time or another.  “Oh no, here comes ESnet….hide…..”

I have been away for a few years and am happy to see that Polycom is still going strong and, this is major; that they changed their logo.  I ran across the below graphic while surfing, so I downloaded the report and snipped and posted the very cool graphic “Six Steps to Creating a Highly Collaborative Video Culture” below (I hope they don’t mind the extra advertising). Note: I can’t believe that the videoconferencing experience is still not totally intuitive to everyone after 25 + years in existence….wow.

vc graphic 1

vc graphic 2

vc graphic 3

vc graphic 4

vc graphic 5

vc graphic 6

vc graphic 7

While looking at Polycom’s web site, I spotted some stuff on “Working From Home”….when I fire up my “Telecommuting” blogs again, I will revisit that section.



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