Cool Pet Technology

Is your pet a GEEK?  If so (or if not), check out these cool technology items for your pets….and you.


PetChatz (

True to TechyMike’s technical expertise, I just had to lead off with this pet technology gadget.  Video conference with your pet…and give them a treat!  And you can do that all from your Android or iPhone smartphone.  Very cool.

Hmmmm, I wonder if they are planning to implement HD videoconferencing?  Pet telepresence….you heard it here first!  🙂


PetCube (

petcubes android

Another video conferencing application….sorry, can’t help it.

With PetCube you can see and talk to your pet (via your smartphone) and you can shoot a laser for them to chase.  Hmmmm, do they need goggles?

History / Trivia: Many years ago, I went to Old River Vet in Tracy, CA (our first yellow lab was his dog’s puppy) and proposed the installation of an 8×8 videoconferencing system so pet owners could visit their pets in the kennel.  The 8×8 worked over phone lines (the Internet did not yet exist for us normal folk) and the owner needed a like unit.  We never installed them (too cumbersome, too expensive), but, it might very well have been the first time that kind of application was put forward. 


Pet Tracker (

gps pet tracker

If your pet wanders off, Pet Tracker knows that they have strayed (using GPS) and will send you a text message or email so you know they are missing. Find them using their GPS location. Cool.

Hmmmm, no more late night secret liaisons for fido. I bet it works on spouses and kids too!  Just attach it to their collar and keep them honest! 🙂


PetNet (

petnet feeder

Commuting long hours to and from work?  Can’t be home in time to feed your pet? Or do you just need help feeding your pet?  PetNet is a fully featured pet feeding thinking machine to keep your pet healthy and happy while you veg on the couch.

Hmmmm, if you are a commuter, check out telecommuting / remote working and spend more time with your pet! 🙂


Go i Fetch (

ifetch screenshot

If your house is big enough to support this, this is super cool!  Keep your pet engaged during the day (and tired at night?) by letting them play fetch all by themselves. This is pet-enabled fun.

Hmmmm, where are my socks?  🙂 



Technology is evolving and now your pets (and you) can be happier, healthier, more engaged, and secure…..with technology!

May the GEEK be with you.


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