Google Drive Upload & Download Speed Limits

AltamontCowork member Brian needed to backup the contents of his computer to Google Drive.  

AltamontCowork’s network slowed to turtle speed.

drive limitsInvestigating the cause, we found the culprit: Google Drive upload was sucking all the bandwidth available on our Comcast   router and Internet connection. As soon as we unplugged Brian’s computer from the network, everything was cool. Plug it back in, turtle speed.

I did some investigation and learned that, indeed, Google just let ‘er rip when connecting to Google Drive.

A VERY bad design….arrrgghh.

I wrote feedback to Google, and as expected, got no response.

Fast forward about 1 year, and I was looking at the new user interface for Google Drive on my computer…and guess what:

The latest version of Google Drive now has upload and download LIMITS!  

Took a long time.

Good engineering practice dictates that the design team perform detailed testing of hardware or software BEFORE it is shipped out. As is common in this new world, products are rushed out before they are ready. Maybe a bit more testing time and this problem (and yes it is a major problem) would have been found before shipping out?

Geek on!


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