Google Search Goes Mobile

As of today (April 21, 2015) when you do a Google search from your tablet, phablet, or smartphone you will see a list of web sites starting with those that are “mobile friendly”, meaning those web sites that, when viewed on a small screen, do not need to be enlarged or scrolled to be read easily.

Google fired up this new algorithm because, apparently, over 60% of Internet searches now come from mobile users (see my Paradigm shift blog entry) and Google wants to capture this paradigm shift in usage by encouraging web site developers to be more “mobile friendly”.

Knowing this, I looked at this web site (, and, damned if it was NOT set up to be mobile friendly. In the dashboard, I went into “Appearance” then “Mobile” and enabled mobile.

Check it out from your smartphone or tablet…..lookin good!  🙂

I also enabled: and

Screenshot_2015-04-21-16-12-31 Screenshot_2015-04-21-16-13-00

I should gets tons more hits….right?  We will see…..


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