Google Project Fi: Google Wants to Be Your Next Wireless Service Provider

Google Fi

Google just announced that they will be jumping into the cellular wireless service provider space joining the likes of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, et al. with Google Fi.

Promising to use new technology to provide a robust, multi-network, multi-device, experience for voice, texting, and data from 120 countries, Google has the potential (in my mind) to change how we communicate.

Caveat: This blog is just an introduction and may not be totally accurate. Go to the Google Fi web site for ALL the correct information on this exciting service.

Google Fi Basics

multiple devicesGoogle Fi will initially work only with the Nexus 6 smartphone (or smartphone, tablet, or phablet that uses Google Hangouts). It uses T-Mobile and Sprint LTE cellular networks (4G, 3G) and WiFi to make the connections. If you start the call via WiFi and walk out of range, Google Fi will automatically connect your call to a T-Mobile or Sprint 4G or 3G LTE network to keep you connected. If you walk back in range of a WiFi, it will automatically flip you to the WiFi.

Very cool (if it works seamlessly…we will see.

The WiFi data is encrypted to help protect you in open WiFi environments.  The web site says it like having your own “private tunnel to drive through” the Internet.

Very VPN (virtual private network) like….

Google Fi Pricing

You can get more pricing details on the Google Fi web site (hmmmm, is the web site mobile friendly?).

But I ran some numbers here to give you an idea about the pricing.

Quickly: It costs $20 for basic service plus some additional cost per GB of data. I really like the fact that if you do not use all your data, you get money back on next months bill. It is month-by-month, and that is nice too.

  • A 10 GB data plan costs $120 per month
  • A 1 GB data plan costs $30 per month
  • A 3 GB data plan costs $50 per month

Reasonable costs if you can control your data usage. Hmmm, I “assume” this is data over the 4G and 3G networks and not WiFi, but, I did not see that specifically spelled out.

Other than data, the plan includes:

  • Unlimited domestic talk and text
  • Unlimited international texts
  • Low-cost international calls
  • WiFi tethering
  • Coverage in 120+ countries

Here is a snip of a theoretical person’s cost for the month:

save money get money back

Initial Questions

1. Can I experience Google Fi using my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 since I use Google Hangouts and have a Google voice number?

2. Will I be able to take advantage of the WiFi to 4G switching as I move about?

3. Not sure if the data plan is just for 4G and 3G data.  I am pretty sure WiFi is not included, but, I do not see it spelled out.

4. Hmmm, I will write more as I think of them….

On the web site they have a coverage / speed map for where you live.

Here is mine in Tracy, CA

4g lte in tracy


Google Fi can change the way we communicate.

I am excited to see how this all works out, and would love to be involved if I were not an unknown starving blogger once again.

If you want to fund my efforts….comment below.  🙂


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