The Woz and Stan Lee Use Video Conferencing to Plan Comic Con 2016

How far has videoconferencing technology come in the past 25 years?

Pretty far, but, it sure has taken a long time. The culture has finally caught up with the technology.

Watch the YouTube video below as Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak decide to have Comic Con 2016 in the San Jose Convention Center, March 19 and 20, 2016.

The value of video conferencing is subtle, but, The Woz only needed to click on “Stan Lee” to effectively communicate with his geographically dispersed colleague. No need to travel to a conference room, or to visit him, and the value of seeing each other, as old friends, is readily apparent in this video.

Trivia: I attend several “early” video conferencing technology conferences and exhibits at the Convention Center. And I even gave a talk, or two, there on this great technology.


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