Cameras on Smartphones: Photography for Everyone

Call me old fashioned, but, this is the first year that I am really enjoying using the cameras (front and back facing) on my smartphone.

My new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a camera that is every bit as good as our standalone Sony camera for utility, instant, use.

Caveat: I am not a professional photographer, but, as a recreational photographer, I now use the Note 4 camera for 99% of my photos. The quality is more than good enough for my needs (posting / saving on the Internet, making flyers, Christmas cards, or just looking at photos / movies on our HDTV using Chromecast).

Do you need to take a shot NOW that will never present itself again?  Just whip out the smartphone and snap.

potato Blaze

If you just want to carry one device and still get a great picture….like at Kristen’s graduation from University of the Pacific.

kristen graduation


Meet an old friend at McDonald’s and want to take a selfie?

old guys selfie


Or walking thru town and see a nice landscape?

tracy watertower

Or do you want, or need, to grab a quick video?

NOTE: I took that video this morning(!) on the Note 4 then uploaded it to YouTube using the Android YouTube app. I trimmed out the last few seconds of Lori talking, then posted it.  Pretty cool!

Gotta love mobile technology.


Until this year, I was not entirely happy with the quality of my previous smartphone cameras. Now…..I am. So this blog post may be old news for many of you, but, it is quite possibly new news for those like me who needed just a little bit more convincing.  🙂

Oh….don’t get me wrong…..our little stand-alone Sony camera still has a better zoom capability, low light use, and sound capture and I do use it…..occasionally.

I am not sure if a professional photographer wants to use the smartphone cameras (I am pretty sure they don’t), but, for everyday Joe and Joanne I suspect the smartphone cameras will more than fill our needs.

And as technology marches on, one day these smartphone cameras will have abilities we can’t even imagine in 2015.

Beam me up!





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