Music: Google Play and iTunes


I realize that music CD’s are going the way of the dodo bird…..BUT…..we still have a great CD collection, and Lori keeps buying CD’s.

As such, I have a TON of uploaded CD music on my Windows computer–in iTunes. But, I want to use Google Play as my cloud-based music storage location (I am Google-fied).

How can I upload my computer-based CD music from iTunes onto Google Play?

Let’s see the process as I load a new Keith Urban CD “Ripcord” that Lori bought me onto my computer and, hopefully, have it show up on Google Play.  Then, just to see if it will work, I will buy a song on iTunes–Jana Kramer’s “I Got the Boy”–and see if that ends up on Google Play as well.

Google Play screenshot before “Ripcord”

Taken on my Galaxy Note 4 you can see that I only have had time to upload one CD from Keith.

google play before ripcord

Upload Ripcord to iTunes on my Computer

My laptop computer still has a CD / DVD drive, so I popped in the “Ripcord” CD and let iTunes do it’s thing. (You may have to physically open iTunes, mine opens automatically.)

I clicked on “Import CD”…and waited….and waited….

import to itunes

“Ripcord” is now on my computer….in iTunes


How do I get “Ripcord” uploaded to Google Play?

On my computer, I went to the “Play Music” app in Chrome.

new google play icon

Note: If you do not have the Google Play app you can do a search for “Google Play”, sign in, select”Music”, then select “My Music”.

Open the bars at the top left, next to “Listen Now”:

open bars

Then scroll down the list until you find, “Settings”


This screen pops up, click on “Add Your Music”

music from this computer

If you are new to Google Play you will see this screen.  Click “Install”

add your music install

This tells you that users rate this with only two stars, but, click on “Add App” anyway

add app to chrome


Once installed you will see this screen.  Click “Add Music from iTunes” and check the box to keep Google Play updated when you add new music to your computer.

add from itunes on my computer

Your music will now be uploaded to Google Play! (It may take a loooong time)

Go back to the bars and select “Music Library”.

You should be good to go!

Oh, yeah….”Ripcord” is now on my Google Play!

google play after ripcord

Test:  Buy a song on iTunes to see if it goes to Google Play

For completeness, I wanted to buy a single on iTunes to see if that song popped up on my Google Play Music.

Without showing all the details of iTunes, I purchased Jana Kramer’s “I Got the Boy”.

That song showed up in my iTunes, and a short time later showed up in Google Play!

jana kramer from itunes



In this bold new world of online music purchases the question came up concerning iTunes and Google Play.

In this blog entry I showed that both services can coexist peacefully.

Happy Listening!



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