Pixel XL Depth of Field 

Trying something new….posting from my new Pixel XL to TechyMike.

Took a few pictures of Blaze and our fern this morning testing the depth of field of the Pixel XL camera.

I first focused on the fern with Blaze blurry in the background.

Then I focused on Blaze in the background and now the fern is blurry.


Testing uploading a post via my Pixel XL, testing depth of field of the Pixel XL camera.

I will log on via computer later to see how much more I need to do to this post after publishing. NOTE: On the computer now and only needed to delete the “Excerpt” so the “Continue Reading” button would show on the Home page…..pretty cool!  I will post more from the Pixel XL.  🙂  

Cool stuff!  Geek on. 😎😎


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