“Temi: The Personal Robot”

Did a search for robotic videoconferencing this morning and TechyMike.com popped up! Ignoring that guy, I moved on and found a link to the “Temi Personal Robot”.

Intrigued, and needing to catch up with the latest technology now that I am back, I visited the Temi web site.

Here is a video to show what it does. Very cool!

With a 10.1 inch screen and working over WiFi or Bluetooth the Temi looks like an interesting addition to the robotic video conferencing arena. (I have no idea how well it works, but, maybe someday I will get to play with it). There are stores in the Bay Area we can visit….

I like the “Follow Me” option seen briefly in the video where the Temi can stalk you automatically and also the “Go to this room” option so the Temi goes to a pre-loaded location (I suspect it does NOT open the doors so Mom can be kept out if you want privacy). It backs up into the charging port, like a Roomba, when you are done. It is controlled and viewed from an app on your smartphone.

Go to this page to see all the Temi Specifications.

I suspect this can also be used in schools, at work, etc to provide access to those who cannot make it there physically. “Go to Math Class” would be a terrific option.

See how Sheldon meets The Woz on “Big Bang Theory” using his “nifty virtual presence device”.

I will keep trying to update my video conferencing knowledge, but, so far, I am finding out that I am not very far behind. It’s like watching a soap opera. Take a few years off and you are still good to go. 🙂

Geek on!


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