iRobot Terra Robotic Lawnmower

Reading the IEEE Spectrum this morning, I saw the announcement for the iRobot Terra Robotic Lawnmower.

How cool is this? Soon…..I will not only never have to vacuum the inside of our house, but, I will no longer have to mow my lawn.

The first thing I will need to do is add these battery operated navigation “beacons” to my yard (no more burying wire) then do a quick walk-thru to train the Terra how to mow my particular lawn.

After that, I will just pull out my Pixel 3 XL, fire up the Terra app and, hopefully, set up a schedule. The Terra will then mow my lawn…..

…..following the initial training route.

All I will have to do is sit in my lawn chair with a beer.

What I won’t do for technology. 😉

Seriously, iRobot tells the IEEE Spectrum (click the link above to read the whole Spectrum article) that this project was very technically challenging given the multitude of parameters involved in mowing a lawn.

Geek on!

PS: iRobot is doing some stuff with STEM. I will research that aspect and report back later. Oh…..and…..I am adding “Autonomous Robots” and “Autonomous Vehicles” categories to

Because I love this autonomous stuff! 🙂

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