Beta Testing Android Q on My Pixel 3 XL

One thing I like about using the Google phones is that I can stay in the loop with Beta testing the latest and greatest software.

History: Those who know me, know that any new software or hardware that falls into my lap, will break. It is the story of my life, but, also very handy when testing new stuff. 🙂

That said, as soon as I could download Android Q, I did.

This blog will be a living document of bugs I have found as I use Android Q, so book mark this and check back often.

I am not pretending to be a power user, just and ordinary user doing my daily day-to-day tasks. If I find a bug, I found it by accident. 🙂

Android Q Beta Version 2

I downloaded version 2 of the Q Beta and discovered that my Photos were not automagically being uploaded to Google Photos. Yikes!

I spent some time reading the Android Q Developer Blog and it clicked in my brain! The newest versions of Android will be very protective of permissions. Apps will be able to play in their own sandbox but will need specific permission to go outside and play.

With that in mind, I looked at the permissions on the app “Google Photos” and sure enough… did not have permission to look at “photos” on my phone. I allowed that permission, and guess what?

Yup, my photos are now automagically updating to Google Photos again.

Still have some of the readability issues discussed below (namely, dark fonts on dark screen), but, I will keep playing and trying new things. 🙂

Cool stuff! Geek on!

Android Q Beta Version 1

BUGS Found So Far (Yes, I let Google know what I find)

In Photos, when I look at a Photo and look to enter “Info” in the photo, I can;t see the list of items. NOTE: As of today, that issue seems to be fixed. 🙂 But here is what it looked like:

When my phone is idle (like when watching a movie), I could double tap the screen to see what time it is. That no longer works, even though the setting is correct.

When receiving a phone call that I know is spam, I can no longer decide that that call is SPAM and to Block it.

Check here for more in the coming weeks.


As with past Beta tests of Google OS, there are very few bugs, and overall my Pixel 3 XL is working just fine.

Fun stuff!

Geek on!


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