OK, I knew this was coming and now that it is here, I spent yesterday (4/20/2022) and today getting used to it….then, just because I could, I made a major change to my Instagram.


I am an INFJ (see this link) introvert, and as such, social media can become WAY too NOISY for me at times (hmmmm, like ALL the time).

I need a way to quiet it (meaning my life) down yet still post photos and stuff and, oh yeah, Scholarship stuff for ForCarol.org.

The latest version of Instagram seems to, mostly, fit the bill…..EXCEPT…..I also made it PRIVATE!

We will see if the quietness returns.

By the way, I let WordPress.com and Instagram post to Facebook and Twitter so I never have to go there….FB is FAR too noisy for me even with limited “friends” (only people I have actually met or know) and Twitter is just bat-shit nuts.

Latest Version of Instagram

The latest version of Instagram has a new feature or two that I REALLY like.

If you click on the “Instagram” words (top left while you are in your Home view) you can see there is a downward arrow (assuming you have the latest version).

A new Thor! 🙂

Click on that and you see: “Following” and “Favorites”.

Rain on the way 🙂

The default is “Following” where you will see all the Instagram accounts you are following….just like before, with one major difference….the latest posts, by your “Favorites”, will be shown close to the top of your stream.


I don’t know how, but Instagram automagically populated a few “Favorites” for me, and surprise….they got it right! I went into the settings and added a few more, well, more than a few, and, when I got to 50…..Instagram said I reached my limit!


Who knew I had 50 people I know….oh, 49……I also added local superhero and foodie Brie Larson. 😉

I noticed that I cannot see the “stories” posted by my 49 friends and Brie Larson when I am in “Favorites”. I can only see them in “Following” mode. 😦


Now that I had my 49 friends and Brie Larson set up, I decided to go one step further in my quest for quiet time.

I made my Instagram account PRIVATE.

UPDATE 4/27/2022: I moved my Instagram back to “public”. I derived no satisfaction in private mode. 😉

I’m not sure how this is all going to work out, but, so far I think I can feel the quiet.

The following rant is not for the faint of heart….

The haters who comment bullshit on Instagram invariably hide (cowards!) behind private accounts with fake names. I’m not a hater, but, because of one of them, I decided to try private (like he or she did). So thank you, you ignorant fuck, whoever you are watching and making inane comments on the KCRA news feed…….;-) Oh, yeah…..you’ve been blocked AND reported. And I hope your mommy takes away your Internet.

End rant……


With one nice place to go when I need quiet…..my 49 friends and Brie Larson…..I feel much more relaxed using social media (meaning Instagram). However, I suspect Instagram will, eventually, not like this quiet space, but, I will enjoy the peace and quiet while I can, while staring at the clouds. 😉

In the meantime…..

GEEK on!

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