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  • Using the Netgear Orbi WiFi Router

    Using the Netgear Orbi WiFi Router

    UPDATE 10/28/2019: After resetting unexpectedly, the Orbi has been flawless since April 4, 2019 and before that for several months. Not sure why it reset, but, check out the rules below, just in case. 🙂 Rules:  #1. Keep the QR code handy. #2. Connect to it, via your computer (use the sync button if the […]

  • Using Google’s Titan Security Key

    Using Google’s Titan Security Key

    I wanted to see how Google’s ($50) Titan Security Key could work to secure my online accounts. Based upon my past experiences at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, where we tested a separate physical key, I understand how well the security offered by an external physical device can work.

  • Learn IT Support: Online Google Course

    Learn IT Support: Online Google Course

    Saw this a few days ago: Google is now providing an online Google IT Support Professional Certificate class that can get ANYONE (Hmm, but, I’m too old, right?) up to speed on becoming an IT Support Specialist in less than a year. Very cool! 🙂 Here is the blurb from the Google Blog announcing this […]

  • Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

    Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

    Our nonprofit (, my book review blog,, and this blog need the assistance of Photoshop, almost on a daily basis.  BUT…..since I am now fully “retired”, we have to conserve as much as possible, and being on a fixed income (the blogs only cost me money), the $9.99 a month is not something I can […]