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  • Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

    As a small business owner, purchasing office productivity software from Microsoft can be painful. Luckily, there are free options available that work REALLY well.  I will look at two here:  Open Office and Google Docs.  But first, here is a list of what I think the free options need to fulfill to be a viable option […]

  • Internet Speed Testing

    Internet Speed Testing

    I spent a few minutes doing some Internet speed tests here at AltamontCowork. I tested various configurations (wired vs wireless vs different wired jacks vs different wireless speeds). In other words I did a lot of testing……and had some FUN. Here are my tests from this morning (the various options all worked about the same, or, […]

  • McAfee Anti Virus Network Control Issue

    Yesterday two of us spent at least an hour each trying to figure out another AltamontCowork members network issue. Brand new laptop…DNS issue. Normally, I can try one or two things, and get the computer working.  Not yesterday.  I quickly reached my limit, granted my limit, in that area,  is kinda shallow. We finally threw […]

  • iGoogle Going Away

    The world is changing again! My comfortable iGoogle homepage has served me well for quite a long time (I moved to Google from Yahoo a few years ago…).  I use Chrome (fast, reliable, etc) and have almost totally moved to the Google universe…and I am very happy here.  But…. Now I see a banner on […]