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I was watching KCRA Channel 3 this morning when they had a report on the impending switch over of Television broadcasting service. Although the report was interesting, I was still confused.

Here is the deal:

On February 17, 2009 the broadcast TV service will change to a DIGITAL format.

1. If you have an old TV and have an antenna on your roof, or use rabbit ears, you will need to purchase a converter box (or a newer TV with a digital “tuner”) to change the digital signal from the antenna to one that your TV can recognize.

2. If you have an old TV and use CABLE or SATELLITE service, you may not need to change anything. If you currently use a set-top box provided by the provider, you are golden. Also, cable companies are not required to change to digital and may keep analog signals flowing to your home. So if you are like me, with an old TV with the cable plugged directly into it, I can still watch many channels just fine. However, the cable companies can decide to change to digital, if they do, then your old TV will have to use a set-top box. Confused?

3. If you have a digital tuner in your TV now, or an HDTV, you will not need to change anything.

NOTE: HDTV is digital but digital is not necessarily HDTV.

Here is the main FCC web site that may help answer some of your questions, but, also YeOldeTechy will be taking a closer look at this in the coming months and will post more information here and on my web site. I’ll draw some pictures to make this clearer and post them on my web site….


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