Fun with Statistics: Do More Blog Posts Result in More Views?

My math skills are fading, but, I thought it would instructive and fun to look at some stats of my blogs while re-learning how to do some statistical analysis.

I am using Google Sheets, and will add to this post as I figure out more analysis I can do…..while keeping it interesting and fun. Blog

Since selling my business on Dec 31, 2014, I am spending more time posting on our non-profit web site.

Looking at the stats gives me, I decided to see if there was a correlation between the number of posts I write in a month and the visits / views for that month (or the next month, if there is a delay).

From Sept 2014 to July 2015 here are’s numbers:

forcarol numbers sept 2104 to july 2014

Here is a graph:

Forcarol sept 2014 to july 2015

You can see that as the # of posts go up (blue), the views (red) and visits (yellow) appear to also go up.

Interesting…..and fun.

Reaching back in memory, I looked to see if Google Sheets could do a correlation between posts and views and posts and visits.

Remember the closer the correlation coefficient is to 1, the more perfect the correlation.

Correlation of Posts to Views:  .73948

Correlation of Posts to Views: .50532

Hmmmm, more posts lead to more views?  Not understanding that.  I could understand more posts leading to more visits, but, help me here. Comment below!

Stay tuned for more “Fun with Statistics”.  Tip my hat to Sheldon….


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